Current Projects

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Y4Trees - Youth for Trees


The Youth 4 Trees European Project is a two-year Erasmus + Youth Partnership project with partners in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

For the future of trees and young people


The Y4T project aims to enable youth workers, educators and organisers to support 18-30 year olds in projects and activities on trees, forests, wood products. It will provide guidance in terms of both ways into working in commercial and community enterprises as well as promotion and campaigning about the vital value of trees and forests. This will stimulate entrepreneurship related to the sustainable management of trees, forests and wood products as a matter of local rural economic development. It will also support young people in their responsible youth citizenship and political engagement.

Working with Trees Guide

All about developing the practical skills of working with trees, planning projects and activities with trees, and ways into work with trees and forests.

Including case studies and short videos


  • Enabling young people to explore, experience, and engage with trees and forests in terms of their own future.


  • Developing their teamwork, creativity, organisational skills, project management and entrepreneurship.​


  • Including sections on:​

    • How to identify, survey, grow and use trees

    • Preparing for the future

    • Being entrepreneurial

    • Organising group projects and activities

    • Thinking about careers

    • Developing a new enterprise

Promoting Trees Guide


All about promoting, celebrating and influencing others about the vital value of trees and forests.

Including case studies and short videos

  • Enabling young people to promote, celebrate and campaign about the value of  trees and forests in terms of both planting and logging.


  • Developing their public participation, civic competences, citizenship and political engagement.


  • ​Including sections on:

    • Preparing for the future

    • Raising awareness

    • Educating others

    • Having a strong voice

    • Influencing decision-makers

    • Campaigning

YPEF Contest

We hope to identify partners in the UK and Spain who can join the other 13 European countries in The Young People and European Forests (YPEF) contest.


  • It is targeted at 15 to 19 year old students from schools, colleges or universities from the partner European countries. 

  • It aims to promote European forestry and forest regions, especially their sustainable development and biodiversity.

  • It is organised by the YPEF International Commission from participating countries.

Teaching Toolkit on Traditional Orchards

The aim of the toolkit is to develop innovative teaching material that will motivate and encourage individuals, farmers and community organisations to work together to set up, manage and use traditional orchards and their heritage fruit trees both as commercial and social enterprises.

The partnership of social organisations from Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy and the UK will develop a range of practical guides, a Youtube channel and European network.

Teaching Guides

  1. Working with others as an orchard enterprise - Setting up and managing orchards for production, cooperation and education

  2. Growing heritage varieties of fruit trees - Educating about the variety and cultivation of fruit trees and traditional orchards 

  3. Processing and marketing heritage orchard products - Educating about promoting and celebrating tree fruit and orchards for trade and community events

  4. Managing orchards with nature - Educating about managing fruit trees, soil and orchards agroecologically for both biodiversity and productivity


Youtube Channel

This will include a short promotional video as well as others produced and gathered during the project. 

Network of European Traditional Orchard Educators

This new network will be for individual educators and trainers as well as associated organisations across Europe.

​LLOOF - Living and Learning on Organic Farms

Educating adults about volunteering and organic food production on farm enterprises is the focus of this partnership project with national WWOOF organisations from ten European countries. It has developed and promoted a Learning Guide as an online open educational resource for adult learners about organic food production, entrepreneurship, volunteering and cultural exchange on farm enterprises. The adults, especially 18-34 year olds, can then relate this online learning to practical residential work experience and informal learning on a range of small enterprises in different European countries as well as worldwide.

Living and Learning on Organic Farms - Your introduction to learning as a volunteer on an organic farm, March 2016

Downloadable as a pdf here.

Learn sustainability online course


A 15 hour course about Sustainable Development and Education.

A short online course developed by SustEd as an introduction to sustainable development for educators and trainers.

  • The sessions include links to downloadable books, films and websites.

  • Each session has units with a downloadable .doc file which includes weblinks to downloadable books, films and websites.

  • The files are based on draft notes, images and activities.

  • The activities include role-play, games, discussion, and cases-studies.

  • SustEd uses this online course in association with in-service training courses, workshops and other training events.

  • Please contact SustEd for feedback on the educational resource.

Youth Xchange Guidebook to Climate Change and Lifestyles


The YouthXchange Guidebook on Climate Change and Lifestyles, which focuses on the challenges, opportunities and good practices of climate change, is the first in a series of thematic guidebooks. This series is produced for young people and people working with young people, educators, teachers, trainers and youth leaders around the world.

Download the pdf file here.

Youth Xchange Guidebook to Climate Change and Lifestyles, UNESCO/ UNEP, 2011

Ethica - The Ethical Finance Game


Ethica -The Ethical Finance Game is an educational board and role-play game. It lets players assume the roles of bank customers, investment bankers or co-operative business entrepreneurs with money to save, invest and loan.

  • Exploring the social and environmental impact of personal banking, investments and businesses. 

  • Helping players make more responsible and ethical decisions when managing their money.

Game available from SustEd at discount price £5 + p and p.